Thursday, December 6, 2012

10mm ACW Part 3

After a long delay, the 1st Battle of Kernstown finally took place.
We used a combination of 'RF&F' and 'They Couldn't Hit an Elephant' from Two Fat Lardies.
RF&F was used to resolve combat while TCHAE covered movement. The two rule sets worked
well together and after a rather slow start and a little tweaking the pace picked up and we all agreed
that the 'feeling was right.'
The table was 6' x 4' and the troops were deployed historically.
Objectives were Pritchard's Hill in the center and the stone wall near the Glass house on the left.
Control of both objectives by one side at games end was necessary for a major victory.
If neither side controlled both objectives a casualty count would decide which side scored a
minor victory.

The lighting was not good in the gaming room so none of the pictures I took came out well enough to post but I like to see pictures as much as the next guy so here are three showing the initial deployment of three of the units involved in the battle.

Turner Ashby's Cavalry watching the Confederate right.

Sullivan's Brigade on the Union left moving through the woods toward Kernstown.

And finally, Fulkerson's Brigade moving to the stone wall on the Confederate left.

We were unable to finish the game which was not surprising being our first go with these rules
but we all agreed that the game had the right feel to it and the card driven movement added a good deal of uncertainty to the game play.
When we ended the Confederates held the stone wall and the Union sat atop Pritchard's Hill.
The Union had the heavier casualties but that may have changed had the game done on as scheduled
so we called it a draw and everyone left happy.