Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scale Creep Miniatures

I made my first purchase of Scale Creep Miniatures recently and I must say, I'm very happy with castings.
As the name implies (or states) these figures are on the high end of the 15mm range coming in closer to 18mm. But how much larger are they? To answer this I did a size comparison between Scale Creep, Blue Moon and Battle Honors.
Battle Honors are considered 'true' 15mm figures meaning that they measure 15mm from heel to eye level.
Blue Moon markets their figures as 15/18mm and are 'true' 18mm.
After looking at them side by side it appears that Scale creep falls between the two, closer to 18 than 15.
I wouldn't mix the figures in the same Regiment but I would Brigade them together.
Blue Moon on the left, Scale Creep in the center, Battle Honors on the right.

Another look.

 I like the Scale Creep figures and I'll be adding more to my collection.
I particularly like the officer.
At 54cents a figure they are competitive and well worth the price.
My next purchase will be Confederates

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