Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ongoing Projects

My first love was, and still is AWI, Revwar, The Revolution. I painted my first minifigs in 1972. 25mm.
Sadly they are long gone but in their place are Blue Moon 18s.
I began painting these about a year ago. The British are nearly complete, the Continentals are 80% there.
At this point I'm looking at rules trying to find the set that feels right for me. There are a lot out there.
British Grenadier looks good. The RF&F variant isn't bad but doesn't address Lt Infantry, Indians or Militia well enough and that's a problem. There are also a number of free rules online that could provide a basis for a home grown set. My ideal set would put an emphasis on leadership, moral and training.

Another ongoing project is my Baccus 6mm AWI as well as 6mm ACW. These were based for Polomos rules. Here's a sample:

6mm Union

6mm AWI

My most current project is ACW 15mm. The Battle of Kernstown.
I'll post some pictures once the armies are more organized.


  1. While a bit old school and getting harder to find, The British Are Coming might work for your Rev War rules requirements. They cover morale and leadership via ratings for the various types of units, cover Indians and light troops, and units have a zone of control which, while common in boardgames, is not a feature we see often in miniatures rules. An even older set is 1776 (, which I have heard is the inspiration for The British Are Coming. Perhaps keep an eye open on eBay and you might get lucky.

  2. I actually own The British Are Coming. Never given them a serious look over. I will now though. What I've been looking for may have been right under my nose.
    1776 is on boardgamegeek for $25 + 12 shipping (Switzerland)

  3. And Thank you for the info Buckeye