Monday, March 26, 2012

Roads and Creeks

Here are a couple of quick ways to make roads and water.
In the first method I use 3Ms indoor/outdoor tread. It's 1" x 5 yards at about $9.

It has an adhesive bottom so it will stick to your gaming surface and follow contours nicely.
I like the texture and the look. Even unpainted, it looks like a road.
Rather than applying it directly to your gaming table, you can mount it on corkboard, balsawood or a number of other surfaces. In doing so you can add flocking to the edges of your roads & creeks.

Another method I use is paintable sealent. I spread it out on silpat, a flexible baking sheet, and let it harden overnight. The following day it's ready for painting and flocking.

Hope you found this helpful.

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  1. I should add that neither of these methods are my original idea. I found them on other sites but I don't remember the names of these sites.